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Let’s all pee together. Or not. Ugliness in public restrooms.

I gave a reading in Owensboro, Kentucky, a few weeks ago, and someone said something to me while I was there that I still can’t get my head around.

A few minutes after we arrived at the venue—the gorgeous Gambrinius Libation Emporium, which I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the Owensboro area—I excused myself to go the bathroom. Once I finished using the facilities (which were as beautiful as the rest of the place—there was a chandelier in every stall!), I stopped at the counter to refresh my makeup, fluff my hair, etc.

A couple of minutes later, another woman joined me at the mirror and glanced at me with unabashed curiosity.

I can’t blame her—I had set my massive suitcase-like purse on the counter and was rifling through it maniacially, searching for something I couldn’t find. I probably looked like a cokehead scrambling for one more speck of blow.

For that reason, it’s not surprising that the woman’s look seemed to be questioning my behavior.

Like any polite person, I provided an answer to her implicit question: “I’m just trying to get cleaned up,” I said to my inquisitor, assuming that explanation would satiate her.

But instead of acting sated, she responded by saying, “Good luck with that” in a rather skeptical voice, as if she were telling Jesus, Good luck trying to avoid that whole crucifixion thing.

I glanced at the woman, shocked, and waited for her to soften the implication of her words, but instead she offered me a nasty smirk and spun around on one high-heeled toe, heading towards the door.

Later, she sat a few tables away from me, shooting disapproving looks in my direction every chance she got.

Call me crazy, but that kind of behavior is simply not acceptable. If women don’t support each other, if they don’t treat each other with respect, then we’re never going to make our society a healthier, more accepting place for everyone.

And to that woman in Owensboro, I have only this to say: You better hope karma doesn’t bite you in the ass.

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