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A Deal is Made

I went out to lunch with my friend Tracey today, and after we had eaten a really satisfying meal, I made the possible mistake (it’s never real until you tell someone) of telling Tracey that I had gained eight pounds since I’ve lived in Bowling Green. Right away, Tracey said that I had to do something about it. Of course, I agreed. I had been thinking the same thing since the day I’d been confronted with my new weight on the scale at Urgent Care two weeks before. But there was something about the urgency in Tracey’s voice that made me realize I had to get serious fast. Immediately, I asked Tracey if she wanted to lose the weight with me since she’d expressed a desire to do so as well. Before we knew what was happening, we were shaking hands and agreeing to lose a pound a week together.  Tracey joked that maybe we wouldn’t have been as gung-ho if we had talked about it on empty stomachs, but by then a deal had been made. We’re shooting for twenty pounds, which means twenty whole weeks. I’m anxious to see if we make it.

Being Sick Has Its Benefits

Possibly the only advantage of being sick is that you don’t eat as much and you lose a lot of fluids, if you know what I mean. I guess that’s how I’ve managed to come down six pounds in four days. (Though I imagine that getting weighed at the doctor’s office in my shoes and late in the day didn’t help my original weigh-in either.) As my husband and I both struggle through the worst flu we’ve had in years, I keep telling myself that there’s an upside to all this illness—I’m getting a head start on the weight-loss program I know I need to start as soon as I’m well.

The Bad News

I went to the Urgent Care Clinic here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, last night because I’ve just come down with some kind of nasty bug, and while I was there, I found out I had gained eight pounds since my last visit. Eight pounds in four months? That’s criminal. I haven’t gained that much weight in one stretch for Y E A R S. Worse yet, I have finally inched my way back up to and past my previous maximum weight of 200 pounds. In fact, at the clinic last night, I weighed in at 203 pounds. I am a five-foot-six-inch, 38-year-old female, and I weigh a jaw-dropping 203 pounds. And all I can think is, how did this happen?

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